How do I apply?

Apply Online to be a freelance writer today – simply fill in our application form.


Why is Writingleaders.com a good company to work for?

Working with us gives you the opportunity to take a new adventure every day.

As a freelance writer, you want to devote most of your time to writing, not to discovering new markets.

We find the clients and handle the business end; you pick your topics and spend your free time writing!

As a curious person, you want to learn new things, but don’t necessarily have the extra cash to take classes at the local college.

Our clients need work on a variety of topics at multiple levels of understanding. Achieve the equivalent of a master’s level education while someone else pays you to gain the knowledge.

You want to work, but you need greater flexibility than the traditional business world will provide.

Our online writing jobs give you the freedom to work from wherever you are comfortable. All you need is access to the internet, a word processing program (Word is the most common application used) and some time to write and you can be making money! We’ll take care of the details how (to make money), you are at complete liberty to determine the when and the where.

How do I receive details of available work?

Details of our briefs are sent via email directly. If you are interested in the work, simply reply to that email stating your interest. We review all projects  at the end of each day and assign each brief accordingly, with an aim to share the workload.

What fields and subject areas do you specialise in?

The subject areas in which we currently handle projects include: Accounting, Anatomy and Physiology, Animation, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Beauty Therapy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Childcare, Classics, Communications, Computer Science , Construction, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Design, Drama, Economics, Education, Engineering, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Estate Management, European Studies, Fashion, French, Film Studies, Finance, General Studies, Geography, German, Health, History , Housing, Human Rights, Information Systems, I.T, International Relations, International Studies, Journalism, Law, Leisure Management, Linguistics, Management , Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanics, Media, Military, Music, Nursing, Philosophy , Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology, Politics, Project Management, Property, Psychology, Religion, Sciences, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Sports, Statistics, Teaching, Theatre , Theology, Tourism, Translation, and much more.

Do I have to take on the work you offer me?

No. You can choose the work that suits you. You are not obliged to carry out any work which is offered to you. When you accept work, this will help you attain a higher recognition and ranking in our system however, you should only accept the brief if you are committed to completing it and fully understand what is expected.


Who uses your services?

Primarily students (studying at A-level, undergraduate, Masters and PhD level) looking for assistance. However, we have also serviced lecturers, members of the general public, companies, and other research bodies.

How much time will you give me to complete the work?

This will depend on the length of the work. Most briefs generally can be completed within 1 to 5 days. We specify the date and time when we send out the new available work emails – this time frame is strict. If the work is handed back later than this time you will suffer penalties on your fee.


How do I submit my completed work?

You submit all work via email as attachment.

How do you check the quality of the work I create?

We have an in-house quality control team who check each piece to ensure that it meets the criteria that we have asked for. Work submitted by newer researchers is checked more carefully to make sure it meets the requirements of the customer and is of the quality that we expect.


How much will I be paid for my work?

This will depend on the length of each work.  Please click our payment rates page for complete details.


How do I get paid?

We will pay you for each piece you complete and payment will be made within 72 hours of you sending us the work. You do not need to send us any invoices; we do everything for you.  Payment is made by bank transfer or PayPal.

How do I know what’s expected of me?

Before you take an order, you will be given the opportunity to review the specific order instructions, including the set deadline for the order, the number of words expected, any requirements for sources or other material, the format to be used, and the amount of money you will be paid for completing the order according to instructions. Our orders vary in size from 1 to 500 pages, deadlines may be set for 24 hours through 30 days and extensions are sometimes available depending upon the customer’s needs.


What formats are required?

To fulfil requirements, the standard formats required for papers delivered are Harvard, Oscola, and Oxford. These are standards established by the academic community and refer to the general structure of papers as well as the general order of reference information. Generally, these requirements include double-spaced text, 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font. Page numbers are expected in the bottom right corners of pages and a list of references must be provided on the final page (which is not included in the total word count but is a part of the expected delivery). Beyond these basic requirements, each style has specific elements such as in-text citations or footnoting, title pages or headings and order of referencing information.

How often will I get work?

This depends upon several factors including the subject area you write in, the time of year, and the quality of the pieces that you create. If you consistently produce good quality work and are reliable, you will be in a very favourable position to receive regular work on a weekly basis. However if the work you produce for us is sub-standard, we will have to offer work to others above yourself. Generally the more accessible and available you are, the more opportunities you will receive on a regular basis.

Is this service legal?

Yes, our service is legal. We encourage clients to create their own work and do their own research, using our answer as a guideline. We will not support cheating or plagiarism. If we believe that a client will not use our work responsibly, we will not accept an order from them. We provide custom essay-writing/rewriting services inclusive of research material, for assistance purposes only.

Who owns the work I produce?

All work you create for us becomes our sole copyright. This copyright will never be sold to the end recipient. Should your work be published we will give you full credit as the researcher/writer if you wish. We do our best to avoid any misuse of all works.


What is plagiarism and how do I avoid it?

Plagiarism is essentially copying from other sources without giving credit. This is a serious offense that can result in your being blocked from picking up new orders and in students being expelled from their university program. Many schools have established zero tolerance policies regarding plagiarism and numerous scanning software programs have been developed to help detect and prevent plagiarism.

Plagiarism can be avoided by citing all material taken from outside sources. This can take the form of in-text citation (like this) or through the use of footnoting.1 Any available sources relevant to your order can be used including newspapers, magazines, television programs, radio shows, internet sites, etc.

What if I am late in submitting the work?

We offer clients an on-time completion guarantee. Accordingly, if you think for any reason you might need some additional time, you need to contact us well in advance of the deadline to avoid losing a proportion or your entire fee. We can then try to arrange an extension with the customer. If you return the brief late without informing us, you will be automatically taken off our database. For your own advantage you must always complete the assigned work on time.

What if customer is not happy with my work?

You will be accepting work on the condition that you can fulfil the writing requirements. On the occasions that you do need to make an amendment to a piece, in most cases we will notify you within seven days of the original deadline with which the piece was due. All amendments are mandatory and must be completed within the time specified to you. If the customer asks for additions or changes that are not the part of the original brief, you will able to quote a fee for the work.

If you have a question that has not been answered on here, please email us on:  support@writingleaders.co.uk  or call  0161 – 8706095