Payment Rates

We will pay you for each order you complete for us. No more waiting until the end of the month.

Writing Leaders UK offers freelance writer rates which are amongst the highest in the industry. Our payment rates start from £30 to £80 per 1000 words depending on the level and grade of the work ordered by the client. When we will send you the available briefs, it will contain complete details of what needs doing, your fee, deadline etc.  If the work can’t be assessed by the word count (for example: finance, IT, mathematics), you will be given the opportunity to quote your fee.  We also offer bonuses, which start with an additional 5% on top of your fee and go up to 35% depending on the work. Please note that we only offer bonuses if you make on-time and quality submissions.

We will pay you for each piece you create for us and payment will be made within 7 days of you sending us the work. You do not need to send us any invoices; we do everything for you.  We prefer to pay via bank transfer if you are based in the UK & by PayPal if you are in the USA. If you join us, you will be classified as a freelance researcher. You will carry out the work at your discretion, so you will not be considered our employee. If you choose to take on a brief from us then you should register yourself as self -employed with the tax office.

You can choose to work full or part-time for us. We suggest you consider how much work you receive and how much you like the work before relying upon freelance researching as a primary source of your income. Some writers do work full time for us and they often earn in excess of £700 per week. This amount increases to approximately £800 during busy periods. Researchers who accept occasional briefs earn approximately £600 to £900 per month.

We constantly monitor our writer’s performance. If you do a great job, you will be noticed and we will offer you more and more work. The amount of work we can offer you will also depend on how quickly you respond to our emails that we will send to you notifying you of the available work.

Writing Leaders is verified by PayPal and Lloyds Bank

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